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As an advisor, we know that you are not only concerned with securing new clients through referrals, but you are also concerned with retaining existing relationships.  Deepening relationships that will extend to multiple generations of the family, from parents to children to grandchildren is a goal of many advisors.  77% of clients (Morningstar) believe that their family legacy development is one their most important financial needs.  Families don’t just want to leave their money as inheritance, but they also want the generations that follow to understand family values, maintain family unity and the rich history of their family legacy.

63% of HNW families are concerned about the negative impact of wealth and maintaining family unity for multiple generations


When you use A+LIFE, your clients will have the "roadmap" and structure to perpetuate family values, all through our family wealth planning system.

When you offer your clients additional value, you cater to their desire for a comprehensive legacy planning structure. Our experience and research shows, you will become the answer to your clients’ most pressing needs.

Advisors who use A+LIFE have all of the comprehensive wealth planning tools needed to successfully utilize the A+LIFE platform that will not only benefit your clients and build lasting relationships, but it will also help you to grow your business, as you will be seen as an advisor who sees their clients as “More Than Money.”


When you license A+LIFE, you will:

Grow your core business

Create differentiation from competitors

Leverage existing, warm relationships to grow your business

Build valuable multi-generational relationships

Grow your number of referral sources

Enjoy a competitive marketing advantage

The A+LIFE Platform allows you to communicate with clients and their heirs, and your clients will be given access to the platform in order to fill out the necessary documents and questionnaires, leaving only about 20 percent of the work to the advisor.

The licensing fee for advisors is $495 per month and you will receive the following:

  • Training that can be completed in two hours or less.
  • Leverage existing, warm relationships.
  • The ability to sign up as many families as you’d like with no change to the monthly fee.

If you add one family, your return on investment will be 40.6 percent for the first year and 70.3 percent for the second year. You will also benefit from the experience of deepening the trust and loyalty of your clients when they see the well-rounded and dynamic care you can provide for their family wealth planning and legacy planning.

On-Demand Training

24/7/365 turn-key guidance

Ongoing Technical Support

Advanced case design

We are here to help you

The moment you subscribe, we have you covered. Your welcome email contains your login credentials to the More Than Money (MTM) Vault and an attachment with simple steps for “What’s Next.” Once you’ve logged in, everything you need is at your fingertips:

  • On-demand training
  • 24/7/365 turn-key guidance
  • Marketing tools and support
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Advanced case design available if needed

Whatever you may need, we will help you. We are here to accelerate your success and drive business growth. With a special focus on legacy planning and building client relationships that last for multiple generations, A+LIFE is the comprehensive wealth planning technology of choice.

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easy to implement. mobile optimized. ongoing upgrades.

Customized Prospecting Presentations and Brochures

On-demand or Live training in two hours or less, turn-key guidance with ongoing support

Once you subscribe, you will have your choice to complete training on-demand or live online training with a member of your A+LIFE Support Team. Shoot, do both if you want. Directly from your Advisor Dashboard you will have complete access to The Guidebook and five on-demand webinars which can all be completed in just over an hour and a half. No long seminars, high "coaching" fees with six months of lead time. You can start right now. On-demand and at your pace.

We have you covered every single step of the way. The A+LIFE Family Pentagon provides step by step instruction on how to become the primary advisor to HNW families. It's all accessible from you Advisor Dashboard and in the palm of your hand anytime you need it. In addition, we have integrated the "best practices" of the most successful professional advisors into our turn-key guidance to accelerate your growth.
Once you subscribe, two digital marketing brochures will be customized with your photo, biography and more. A three-minute client video with professional voice over delivers a simple, elegant and effective message. In addition, two professionally designed power points are available to you for presentation to prospective A+LIFE families and valuable centers of influence. All marketing support is accessible directly from your Advisor Dashboard.
Access to The A+LIFE Support Team is available from your Advisor Dashboard. We are here for technical support and any miscellaneous questions you may have. In addition, we are upgrading the interface, functionality and content of The MTM Vault continually enhancing the client and advisor experience. As desired, a separate firm, 3 Dimensional Family Office is avaiable for advanced case design.


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