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High net worth (HNW) families are the kind of clients for whom advisors strive to provide exceptional service when it comes to wealth planning.  Most HNW clients value “More Than Money,” and want to leave a family legacy to the next generation; not just a financial reward for having the family name. Most families hold their traditions, family unity, philanthropy and valuable life experiences as assets.  A+LIFE is a complete, digital system providing on-demand training, step-by-step guidance, customized marketing materials, and ongoing support directly from our technology, The More Than Money Vault (MTM Vault).

77% of HNW families believe it is important to leave family values and life lessons as inheritance.

The MTM Vault is the only digital portal needed, and that you will access, to manage every facet of A+LIFE. The MTM Vault contains everything needed on “how to” implement the system, attract and retain HNW clients. No long coaching preparation time or waiting over 6 months for results: you can start now! All you need is the desire to grow and access to The MTM Vault.

On-Demand Training

Marketing Tools

Mobile Optimized

The MTM Vault

As an advisor, The MTM Vault will offer one Advisor Dashboard where A+LIFE can be easily implemented. Everything you need, the complete system, is available in a mobile-optimized technology for advisors and clients alike. The MTM Vault will provide advisors:
  • On-demand and/or live training
  • Turn-key guidance
  • One dashboard for easy implementation
  • Numerous client deliverbles
  • Create Multi-Generational Clients
  • Leverage existing, warm relationships to grow your business

When you license A+LIFE, you will:

Grow your core business

Create differentiation from competitors

Build valuable multi-generational relationships

Leverage existing, warm relationships to grow your business

The MTM Vault is where your client will be able to clearly define, protect, share, integrate, and perpetuate families assets that are less tangible than their exisitng professional planning. When HNW clients work with an advisor who is concerned with more than just their monetary value, you will become the answer to all of your clients multi-generational needs. As an advisor, you will be able to deepen loyal and lasting relationships with your clients that are focused on more than just private asset management. In-turn, you will create multi-generational clients that will want you to manage their financial assets.

Grow your number of referral sources

Enjoy a competitive marketing advantage

Have a compliance-friendly software (if-applicable)

deepen your relationships

A+LIFE will deepen your relationship with the parents, children, and grandchildren of your HNW family and you will have the opportunity to grow your business. To accomplish this, your clients will access their simple, elegant and effective Client Dashboard in The MTM Vault to:

  • Define More Than Money Assets
  • Communicate with family members and advisors
  • Further the “purpose” of the family financial assets
  • Mitigate Wealth Transfer Failure
  • Integrate the family values into their existing professional planning
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