Logistical Questions:

How is MTM360 “Compliance-Friendly” (If Applicable)?

Multiple broker-dealers have quickly approved MTM360. Their determinations were strikingly similar: MTM360 does not provide “financial advice”. This platform is NOT eMoney or Money Guide Pro. We are NOT a tax or estate planning document software.  Those platforms address the financial wealth, taxes and estate documents. Our digital system addresses the More Than Money (MTM) wealth. We provide a PDF with the entire platform that, upon sign up and notification, will be emailed directly to the appropriate compliance contact person. A member of the Aspida360 team will be available for phone calls and emails as they may arise with your compliance department. Obviously, we cannot guarantee compliance approval, but we have 100% success rate so far.

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Once a subscriber, what level of support should I expect?

Responsive, email support from 9AM EST to 3PM EST, Monday through Friday. Holidays excluded. Most responses occur within a few hours, but we guarantee a resposne within one business day.  Experience has taught us that most questions are minor and can be properly answered via email. If more beneficial, phone support is available. Please email the support team from your Advisor Dashboard requesting phone support or call us directly at 443-857-7050 x1.  Also, our Chief Engagement Officer, Alan, Kendall, offers his 25 plus years of legacy planning experience to personally help you succeed with MTM360.

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What happens to my client’s information if I terminate my agreement with Aspida360?

Your clients will always be able to view saved materials in MTM360. They will be unable to add any additional uploads, materials or submissions. No fee is charged to your client for “view-only” access.

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Development, Marketing and Sales Questions:

Define More Than Money (MTM)?

Research and experience have taught us that 77% of families believe their net worth is far more than their financial balance sheet. Legacy, life experiences, philanthropy, family traditions are valuable to most families. More Than Money (MTM) assets are the intangible assets a family holds dear. MTM360 provides the technology to define, protect, share, integrate and perpetuate a families’ More Than Money (MTM) assets while mitigating the high rate of wealth-transfer failure.

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Why was MTM360 Created?

The professional advisory industry is defined by products and services. The professional planning strategies each advisor implements are far more similar than different. We are all, for the most part, lumped together.

There has to be a better way. In our commoditized and highly regulated industry, creating differentiation from our competitors is a truly daunting task. In addition, we all want a practice that consists of our best clients, and most of us would like to be the primary trusted advisor to these clients.

MTM360 was created to provide successful advisors with the opportunity to differentiate your business and increase its value, while positioning yourself as the prospect’s primary advisor. Now the question becomes what do many families need? Our extensive research and accelerated training answered this valuable question.

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How was MTM360 Created?

Since the culmination financial events of 2008, we initiated continuous primary and secondary research to define, in detail, the concerns of the families.  MTM360 families are constantly consulted and our secondary research sources include:

  • Harvard
  • Wharton Business School
  • Princeton
  • Rus Alan Prince
  • The New York Times

The above list represents a sampling of the sources relied upon in our research. MTM360 platform and tactics were built on this very research. We discovered the primary concerns of a family are not being addressed by professional advisors. As our research uncovered the needs of these clients, we constructed a tactic or an entire section of the pentagon specifically addressing their concerns. The end result is a platform your prospect is likely seeking and you can now offer.

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What target market was MTM360 designed for?

MTM360 was designed for any family that places value on their More Than Money assets.  A family does not need to be “High Net Worth” to value their family unity, legacy, core values and  life experiences.  In a MorningStar study, baby boomers were provided with 5 assets they could transfer to the next generation, but could only select one.  77% chose “core values and life lessons” while 12% chose the traditional family wealth.

In addition, we researched in detail the nine personalities of family leaders. We discovered three would not be interested in MTM360 at all. The remaining six, totaling 67% of the market, are interested in a platform like MTM360. Finally, the largest percentage of family personalities are “The Family Steward” representing 34% of the market. The Family Steward values the well-being and future of its family first and foremost.

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Can MTM360 serve as its own brand?

Yes.  MTM360 is a turn-key brand providing multiple marketing and collateral materials with a well-defined target market. Logos, tag lines, five customized client brochures, a power point presentation and client videos are all provided when you sign up. In addition, Aspida360 has several forms of intellectual property filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Features and Benefits Questions:

How many families can I sign up?

As many as you want. The $495 monthly fee will stay the same. Aspida360 wants MTM360 to be a profit center for you. We do not and will not participate in a nickel, dime or penny of your client fees generated. They are all yours. Simply pay our monthly fee, leverage your customized marketing/prospecting materials and grow your business.

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How will MTM360 help me scale my core business?

MTM360 is a multi-disciplinary, digital system. The integration of families More Than Money (MTM) assets into their professional plans will generate opportunities in multiple disciplines. Tax, financial, insurance and multiple areas of the law are all addressed as families progress through the MTM360 system. In the end, new opportunities are created for your core business. Meanwhile, your clients are paying a fee for implementation of MTM360 and the value it provides them.

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How will MTM360 differentiate my business?

“61% (of HNW Individuals) rate legacy development as their top advice need.” New Retirement Mindscape

MTM360 advisors will offer a digital system providing structure to define, protect and perpetuate valuable “More Than Money” legacy assets.  The addition of the MTM360 will allow our advisors to offer a planning solution formerly not available in our industry and provider value your competitors simply cannot.

MTM360 is unique in its ability to assist clients in identifying and improving aspects of their net worth they do not currently have the ability to address.

MTM360 differentiates businesses by offering a platform to define, protect and perpetuate More Than Money assets while enhancing the more traditional aspects of professional planning.  You will be taking “a different approach” which is that a family’s net worth is more than their financial balance sheet.

Finally,  MTM360 will  mitigate the 91% wealth transfer failure rate just as the largest wealth transfer in our history has just begun.  Send prospects and clients a clear message that their multi-generational success is important to you.

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How will MTM360 increase my residual revenues?

MTM360 provides a unique value to our families. Please see the below list of twelve ways MTM360, and you, provide value to your clients. In exchange for this value, it is suggested you charge families a fee for implementation of MTM360. You are responsible for adhering to and all local, state, regulatory and federal laws/rules if/when charging a fee. Aspida360 is not responsible.

  • Mitigate the high risk of estate plan failure.
  • Strengthen family governance.
  • Improve existing professional plans.
  • Expand asset protection.
  • Achieve added clarity to philanthropic goals.
  • Improve formal family meetings with more structure and meaningful content.
  • Incentivize specific and purposeful behaviors from benefactors.
  • Reduce resentment when loaning or granting money to family members.
  • Purposefully prepare benefactors to handle an inheritance and encourage responsible entrepreneurship.
  • Increase meaningful communication with benefactors and trusted advisors.
  • Easily align all existing advisors.
  • Realize a deeper awareness of family legacy and how to perpetuate it.

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How will MTM360 help me develop meaningful multi-generational relationships?

Aspida360 developed and aggregated over twenty tools and tactics. As family memebers complete various tactics, we encourage you to communicate directly with them to develop a relationship. The subject matter of MTM360 can be personal, but is a natural element of the platform. This provides the opportunity to “bond” and get to really know the next generation of the family. In addition, our research and development showed that the next generation feels dictated to and seeks to have a voice in the vision and future of the family.  MTM360 provides this voice for the next generation. Bring this to their attention. Most want to hear it. Finally, MTM360 is specifically designed to perform beautifully on a mobile phone with email alerts making it a part of their everyday life.

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How will MTM360 help me grow my number of referral sources?

As discussed in the “time commitment” question above, you will serve as the primary advisor for the implementation of MTM360. Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance professionals and family office advisors will need communication and leadership from you. This allows you to build credibility and a productive working relationship with your clients’ existing team of advisors. You will already have a client in common and will have an opportunity to develop a new referral source. In conversation, discuss your core business and MTM360 as the latter will differentiate you from your competitors. Not many advisors have an More Than Money (MTM) platform, leverage this to your advantage to grow your number of referral sources and core business.

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