High net worth individuals and families need help managing all of their wealth – but money is not the most important thing out there. Aspida360 offers the A+LIFE Pentagon software to help track those things which are important, but which cannot necessarily be measured in dollars and cents.


Professional advisors need to build relationships, ones which track across generations and give a sense that they really know their clients and their needs. The A+LIFE dashboard brings these relationships together in a way that allows an advisor to provide personal attention that appears to be less about numbers and less commoditized.


The A+ LIFE Pentagon is designed to help professional advisors grow their core business, build referrals and improve residual cash flow. It helps families perpetuate their traditions and values and helps keep you in touch with them so you give the right advice to the right family – and even the right people within that family.


It is a proprietary tool designed by people with experience in the industry and is also available to families, through a professional advisor, who want to use it to track their own values and non-monetary assets. With this software, an advisor can increase the number of high net worth clients they attract and retain their loyalty in the long term, even across generations. Additionally, Aspida360 has high quality security to protect your data and, even more importantly, that of your clients. As a web based solution it can be used anywhere.


Using Aspida360 will allow you to provide personalized advice that goes beyond traditional financial and estate planning and position you to be a vital force in your clients’ lives, one they will not want to lose.