1. How will A+LIFE help me grow my number of referral sources?

    As discussed in the "time commitment" question above, you will serve as the primary advisor for the implementation of A+LIFE. Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, insurance professionals and family office advisors will need communication and leadership from you. This allows you to build credibility and a productive working relationship with your clients' existing team of advisors. You will al…Read More

  2. How will A+LIFE help me develop meaningful multi-generational relationships?

    Aspida360 developed twenty-two tools and tactics with nine also being completed by the next generation. As they complete various tactics, we encourage you to communicate directly with them to develop a relationship. The subject matter of A+LIFE can be personal, but is a natural element of the platform. This provides the opportunity to "bond" and get to really know the next generation of the family…Read More

  3. How will A+LIFE increase my residual revenues?

    A+LIFE provides a unique value to our families. Please see the below list of twelve ways A+LIFE, and you, provide value to your clients. In exchange for this value, it is suggested you charge families a fee for implementation of A+LIFE. You are responsible for adhering to and all local, state, regulatory and federal laws/rules if/when charging a fee. Aspida360 is not responsible. Mitigate the high…Read More

  4. How will A+LIFE differentiate my business?

    "61% (of HNW Individuals) rate legacy development as their top financial advice need." New Retirement Mindscape, 2006 A+LIFE Family Pentagon advisors will offer a platform that addresses and integrates each of the A+LIFE prospect's primary concerns: Asset Protection, Legacy Development Investments Family Protection Experiences of Value The addition of the A+LIFE Family Pentagon will allow our advi…Read More

  5. How will A+LIFE help me scale my core business?

    A+LIFE is a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive platform. The integration of families More Than Money (MTM) assets into their professional plans will generate opportunities in multiple disciplines. Tax, financial, insurance and multiple areas of the law are all addressed as families progress through the A+LIFE platform. In the end, new opportunities are created for your core business. Meanwhile, you…Read More

  6. How many families can I sign up?

    As many as you want. The $495 monthly fee will stay the same. Aspida360 wants A+LIFE to be a profit center for you. We do not and will not participate in a nickel, dime or penny of your client fees generated. They are all yours. Simply pay our monthly fee, leverage your customized marketing/prospecting materials and grow your business.…Read More

  7. Can A+LIFE serve as its own brand?

    Yes. A+LIFE is a turn-key brand providing multiple marketing and collateral materials with a well-defined target market. Logos, tag lines, two customized client brochures, two slide presentations and a client video are all provided when you sign up. In addition, Aspida360 has several forms of intellectual property filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.…Read More

  8. What target market was A+LIFE designed for?

    A+LIFE was designed a mitigate the real and perceived concerns of the high net worth (HNW) family. Early in our research and development, we learned HNW is defined differently at various research institutes. Many define HNW as $1,000,000 of investable assets while others define it as $3,000,000 of total net worth. A few define HNW as $5,000,000 of total net worth. Our experience now shows that fam…Read More

  9. How was A+LIFE Created?

    Since the culmination financial events of 2008, we initiated continuous research to define, in detail, the concerns of the A+LIFE Family. A+LIFE families are constantly consulted and our secondary research sources include: Harvard Wharton Business School Princeton Rus Alan Prince The New York Times The above list represents a sampling of the sources relied upon in our research. The A+LIFE Family P…Read More

  10. Why was A+LIFE Created?

    Our industry is defined by products and services. The financial planning strategies each advisor implements are far more similar than different. We are all, for the most part, lumped together. There has to be a better way. In our commoditized and highly regulated industry, creating differentiation from our competitors is a truly daunting task. In addition, we all want a practice that consists of o…Read More