1. Track Values in Addition to Tracking Wealth using Management Software

    Family squabbles can be inevitable. When it comes time to pass on an estate, there is a high risk that most of the money will be lost. Just as important, there is always the risk that items of value, items associated with shared experiences, will be lost or passed on to the wrong person.   Aspida360's software for professional advisors is designed to reduce the risk and amount of wealth loss …Read More

  2. Can we place a monetary value on tradition? No, but we can track the value it has

    People value their traditions. Families often value their traditions the most - and this can be especially true of high net worth families who want to ensure that not just their wealth but who they are passes down through the generations.   Unfortunately, tradition cannot be boiled down to dollars and cents or assigned a monetary value (unless you count the assayed value of great grandfather'…Read More

  3. Why is a Client-Centric Approach Key to Sustainable Growth?

    Growing your business as a wealth management advisor can be challenging - and at this level, advertising is not going to achieve as much. In fact, the best way wealth management advisors get new clients is through referrals.   This means that every client you have is valuable not just for their direct business but as a potential source of client referrals and growth. Client retention also bec…Read More

  4. Get to Know Your Clients Better With Wealth Management Software That Does Not Just Track the Bottom Line

    When you work with high end clients, they want to feel as if you know them and value them as individuals, and appreciate the traditions of their family. Too often, wealth management software is focused on money and physical assets. Of course, it is important to know the value of their new yacht - but how well do you actually know your clients?   So called "non-monetary assets" are the values …Read More

  5. Mitigate Failure Risks with Wealth Management Software and Protect Your Clients’ Assets

    As a wealth advisor, it is your job to protect your clients' assets and make sure that their financial plans do not fail. This includes estate plans and long term investments.   Mitigating plan failure can involve keeping track of a lot of fine detail, which may not be easy to do - and often, the answer is wealth management software. These software solutions give both you and your client acce…Read More

  6. Wealth Management Software Tracks More Than Money to Help Families Preserve Their Values

    Wealthy families value their money - but they value other things more. Traditions. Relationships. Their family's culture and morals. When working with a high net worth family it is important to look past the bottom line and past mere money and into the values and traditions that are even more important to preserve.   Showing an understanding of these traditions and their importance can make a…Read More

  7. Benefits of A+Life Pentagon

    Aspida360's A+LIFE Pentagon software is a web-based solution designed for professional advisors and high net worth families. It is used to define, protect and perpetuate non-monetary values.   For professional advisors, partnering with Aspida360 can give numerous benefits. The company has the specialized experience needed to create a solution that is designed for the specific needs of advisor…Read More

  8. How you can help your clients mitigate the high risk of estate plan failure

    Estate planning is gnarly. Having a traditional estate plan is vital - but even that does not always prevent a family battle, often over heirloom objects of more sentimental than monetary value.   Many professional planners worry the most about helping their client divide the money up "fairly." But there are family traditions and values that go beyond money. Making sure that antiques, traditi…Read More

  9. Why A+LIFE Pentagon Helps You Win HNW Loyalty

    High net worth individuals and families need help managing all of their wealth - but money is not the most important thing out there. Aspida360 offers the A+LIFE Pentagon software to help track those things which are important, but which cannot necessarily be measured in dollars and cents.   Professional advisors need to build relationships, ones which track across generations and give a sens…Read More