As a wealth advisor, it is your job to protect your clients’ assets and make sure that their financial plans do not fail. This includes estate plans and long term investments.


Mitigating plan failure can involve keeping track of a lot of fine detail, which may not be easy to do – and often, the answer is wealth management software. These software solutions give both you and your client access to all of the relevant information, including legal and regulatory issues that might apply. This means that nothing important is missed – and significantly reduces the risk of asset loss. Wealth management software can also be set to warn the client or you if too much money is going into one investment stream or similar.


Really good wealth management software also tracks non-monetary assets – this means personal values that might impact investment choices, family traditions, and even personal preferences that could be taken into account when writing a new will. Keeping values and traditions in mind also helps reduce the risk of plan failure by strengthening family governance and helping ensure there are fewer conflicts between individuals or branches of the family as to the right course of action.


Most of all, though, it is nearly impossible for even a trained wealth advisor to keep track of every tiny detail of a financial plan – and properly designed software will handle all of those tiny details for you, whilst also keeping your clients’ data fully secure and safe from hackers. This allows you to see the bigger picture and establish whether the plans you and your client are working on are solid.