All businesses need to attract new clients. With the best will in the world, some attrition is inevitable and even a low turnover means that time has to be spent on hunting down and contacting prospects.

There are some ways using more than wealth management software can help with this. The first is by creating happy existing clients – and Aspida360 does this by teaching clients hwo to track the values and traditions that are important to the wealthy. These existing clients can then be relied on for referrals and to help find new clients at the same level – their friends, distant relatives, and the people they network with.

The second is that the software can be used as a prospecting tool. By capturing values, traditions, and life experiences, the software helps you understand the world in which these people live better and then helps you find clients with similar values. This increases the chance that your prospect knows somebody who is happy with your service and the chance that you can come over, right away, as their kind of people – as somebody who understands what is important to them

Also, even acknowledging that you have a way to track traditions and experiences tells them that you know that the bottom line is not always important (it is, but it is not always top of the list). This demonstrates that you can work with them in a way that treats them as people, not as numbers.

All of this can help attract new clients – the software is the way you keep track of what you need to to build important, multi-generational relationships with your clients and potentially keep them into the long term, getting those valuable referrals