When you work with high end clients, they want to feel as if you know them and value them as individuals, and appreciate the traditions of their family. Too often, wealth management software is focused on money and physical assets. Of course, it is important to know the value of their new yacht – but how well do you actually know your clients?


So called “non-monetary assets” are the values and traditions of a family and the relationships that have been built within it. Keeping track of these gives the impression that you know them much better as people and helps personalize your approach. Financial advice can sometimes seem one size fits all – but remembering such things as the personal values that might cause a client not to want to invest in a certain company is vital, especially at these higher levels.


You need wealth management software that includes the family’s traditions. That records which assets are valued by which members of the family so that they can be remembered when it comes time to update estate planning. Your advising will cease to look mechanical and cold and become warmer and values-driven. This will help build multi-generational relationships so you can keep clients longer. Satisfied clients are your best advertisement – most high net worth individuals and families choose their advisors by word of mouth from people they trust.


Wealth management software that tracks non-monetary assets will help you avoid “robo-advising,” build trusting relationships, and provide more personalized advice that helps keep families together and maintain your relationship with them. Look for software which tracks more than the bottom line.