Aspida360’s A+LIFE Pentagon software is a web-based solution designed for professional advisors and high net worth families. It is used to define, protect and perpetuate non-monetary values.


For professional advisors, partnering with Aspida360 can give numerous benefits. The company has the specialized experience needed to create a solution that is designed for the specific needs of advisors who work with high end clients. It is a robust technology that is designed to capture and perpetuate family traditions and values as well as life experiences.


A+LIFE stands for Asset Protection, Legacy Development, Investments, Family Protection and Experiences of Value. It allows advisors to provide personalized service that goes far, far beyond family planning. Designed to build relationships, it can help a professional advisor retain a family as a client even after the original client has died. The strong relationships that can come from being able to perpetuate your client’s values and valuable life experiences also increase your chances of good referrals and help you grow your business. At this level, much new business comes from word of mouth – so providing a value added service that is not just about the bottom line is how you develop happy clients who will gladly tell other people about you.


Above all, though, Aspida360’s philosophy is that a family’s net worth is More Than Money – and that it should be possible to preserve this intangible worth. You and your business can come over as knowing your clients and remembering everything which is important to them, which actually reduces the impression of commoditized advising or an advisor offering one size fits all solutions that do not take into account the family’s values.


A+LIFE Pentagon will help you provide your clients with the best service and protect those things which really matter to them.