Aspida-360-LogoThe nexus of the Aspida360 team includes a top 1% financial advisor, an attorney and an experienced group of branding, messaging, research, writing, IT, and marketing experts. The A+LIFE Family Pentagon is a value-added offering that is substantive, easy to implement and valued by those of high-net worth. We are not a list of tips and strategies bolstered by empty promises of increasing your business overnight.

In fact, Aspida360 was created to research and develop solutions to best serve HNW clients since the culminating events of 2008. Our research focuses on uncovering why entrepreneurs and families of HNW choose to stay with an advisor or switch advisors in various financial cycles.

The culmination of that research fuels the A+LIFE Family Pentagon. Designed from the ground up to provide the competitive advantage for advisors who want to enhance their services and boost prospecting, we provide real value and differentiation that is important to the success of your business, your most coveted clients, and their heirs.

Our SaaS technology will help you grow your HNW client base as well as help families looking for the support they need when it comes to mitigate the high rate of wealth transfer failure while defining, protecting and perpetuating valuable non-financial assets.

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