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"More Than Money" assets include family unity, legacy, philanthropy and life experiences

easily engage the next generation and increase profits

Turn-Key Training, Guidance & Support

Benefits We Offer Professional Advisors

  • Grow your core business
  • Create differentiation from competitors
  • Build valuable multi-generational relationships
  • Expand your number of referral sources
  • Leverage warm, existing relationships to grow your business
  • Increase residual revenues
  • Compliance-friendly (if applicable)
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Grow Your business

Build Relationships

Exapand Referral Sources


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Combating the Negative


How One Man Tackles the Problem of Unsuccessful Wealth Transfer

by Laura A. Roser

More Than Money Vault

On-Demand Training

Marketing Tools

Mobile Optimized

The MTM Vault

The name of The MTM Vault is a nod to our motto, More Than Money. The MTM Vault serves as your singular portal to access and manage all facets of the A+LIFE Family Pentagon:
  • On-demand training
  • Turn-key guidance
  • Customized marketing tools
  • Communicate with clients and their heirs
  • Access your A+LIFE Support Team
  • Mobile optimized
  • Convenient, available 24/7/365
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A+Life Family Pentagon

Easy to Use Dashboard

Guided Client Tools

Numerous Client Deliverables

Comprehensive Assessment

The A+LIFE Family Pentagon

Our simple, elegant and effective digital platform provides step-by step guidance for "how to" define, protect and perpetuate a family's core values, family traditions, valuable life experiences, philanthropy and legacy while mitigating the 91% wealth transfer failure rate. Our digital system includes:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Proprietary, guided tools for clients
  • One dashboard for easy implementation
  • Numerous client deliverables
  • Track ongoing progress
  • 3 levels available for wide applicability with clients
  • Seamless communication with family members and advisors
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More Than Money

Wealth Management

Beyond the Horizon: If You Could Only See What I See

by Roey Diefendorf

Benefits for High Net Worth Families

Benefits We Offer HNW Families

  • Realize a deeper awareness of family legacy and how to perpetuate it
  • Mitigate the high risk of estate plan failure
  • Protect and perpetuate family unity
  • Achieve added clarity to philanthropic goals
  • Purposefully prepare beneficiaries to handle an inheritance
  • Increase meaningful communication with beneficiaries
  • Add formal family governance structures
  • Define, protect, and communicate valuable non-financial assets
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Explore The A+LIFE Platform

Realize Family Legacy

Prepare Beneficiaries

Increase Communication

The Largest Wealth Transfer in History is Upon us

Our convenient technology will mitigate wealth transfer failure while perpetuating valuable non-financial assets

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“More than money” assets include family legacy, core values, philanthropy and life experiences

Are you prepared to maximize your clients' “more than money” wealth?


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Scale, Differentiate businesses while Building Multi-Gen Relationships

Our Testimonials

A+LIFE is easy to pick up and is unique in three very valuable ways

A+LIFE is easy to pick up and is unique in three very valuable ways.  First, it’s a complete system.  It’s all right in The MTM Vault.  Second, it clearly shows “how to” grow your business. Finally, it’s comfortable to market as you visit with existing business partners and clients.

Steve Legler

The Answer

A+LIFE is the answer I have been searching years for. HNW families are concerned about wealth transfer failure and most believe their net worth is more than money. A+LIFE addresses both from the palm of their hand.

Steve Alms

Game Changer

A+LIFE was a game changer for me. Effective marketing tools. Responsive support. It has allowed me to position my business for growth as it is a wonderful prospecting tool. I recommend it to anyone who wants to increase their number of top‑level clients while increasing residual cash flow.

Stacey Fielder


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